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Software SAAS
Partner Program Overview

iAreaNet Agent Program

You focus on building great software. We help you bring it to life, and to market with over 17 yearsof SaaS enablement expertise at your service.

Our iAreaOffice API is designed to help implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model for all industry cloud services providers and independent software vendors.

iAreaNet is an independent software vendor (ISV), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) lets you deliver your applications over the Internet. For your customers, it means a more affordable alternative to packaged software. For you, it means a whole new business and revenue model.

Your ability to move smartly and quickly to market with your SaaS offering is key to gaining a competitive position. iAreaNet's Office system can help you every step of the way. More than just hosting and hardware, iAreaOffice includes a consultative team of experts focused on your software and its market success.

iAreaNet Delivers Opportunities To You

Get access to hundreds of users and sell your software in our market. Plug you application into iAreaOffice intergrade voice with our API's and deliver the best one stop solution for your customers.

With an aggressive compensation structure, first to market product development, and 17 yearsexperience serving customers in the cloud, why would you deliver your clients anything less than the best?  Sell iAreaOffice, with your existing software to your existing customers and make more revenue.

Become a certified Software Partner and Saasafy your software today
call 1-877-426-8844.