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September 18, 2013

iAreaNet Releases iAreaOffice Freedom v5.0

iAreaOffice "Freedom" Edition Promises More Flexibility and Productivity

September 2013–iAreaNet's cloud-based, "Office-in-the-cloud" business communications suite, iAreaOffice, has released its platform upgrade to version 5.0 on Sept. 15, featuring a host of new video, voice, data, social media and mobility features that will make it the most complete smart office suite available as a service today.  The editors of INTERNET TELEPHONY were pleased to grant iAreaNet with an INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award for its innovation in IP communications. iAreaOffice 5..0 has demonstrated outstanding quality and delivered exceptional solutions for its customers; ," said Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director of INTERNET TELEPHONY.

"iAreaOffice Freedom, as version 5 will be known, is not just a solution for business communications, although it certainly excels at that role," explained iAreaNet CEO James DeCrescenzo. "This update also solidifies iAreaOffice as a business empowerment tool, designed to give our channel partners an unparalleled opportunity to meet even the toughest requirements of today's enterprises and SMBs. Companies are looking to efficiently stay competitive, bolster innovation and effectively accommodate the realities of the always on, always-mobile, borderless aspects of today's work reality. iAreaOffice 5.0 is an incredible tool for achieving all of those goals."

The company is also adding more than simply new features to the Freedom release. DeCrescenzo added, "We've worked hard to build cutting-edge functionality into the new version, and that's exciting as it is.  

New features that are incorporated into the new version include:

For iAreaPhone

  • The voice functionality will now include full video call support via desk phones and soft phones when calling any user
  • A contact-integrated video desk phone will also be available
  • Agents and customers can now choose to bring-your-own carrier
  • Simultaneous ring functionality allows inbound calls to ring across all of a user's devices at the same time, both on and off the network
  • Voice API has been developed as an open API for users to integrate additional functionality, such as click-to-dial, into any application or Web page
  • In addition to the existing HTML phone, a soft phone for PCs and Macs will be available

For iAreaMessenger

  • The voicemail function has been updated to be a smaller file, saving room on mobile devices
  • Added support for video mail
  • SMS capability for unified access numbers has been added, so that faxes, voicemail, calls and texts can all be delivered via e-mail

For iAreaDesktop

  • Support for Google Android tablet
  • Enhanced video capability for iPad and Microsoft Surface
  • Major updates to universal printing and multi-monitor support
  • Additional third-party client options, including Citrix

For iAreaMobile

  • An all-new version of the iAreaOffice app for Google Android, Apple and Microsoft
  • Improved desktop and conferencing support for mobile devices
  • A new iAreaPhone app that allows customers to use mobile phones as extensions of the PBX

For iAreaCloud

  • The ability to self-manage servers and applications
  • The capability to choose from a range of data centers (either iAreaNet's or third-party) to run and mange any app or server.
  • A completely virtualized infrastructure that can run on Citrix, VMWare and Zen, allowing an expansion into utility computing platforms, such as IBM smart cloud, PCM utility computing and Internap

For iAreaApps

  • Apps on Demand: the ability for customers to deliver single-use applications for projects or temporary needs, integrated with iAreaNet Desktop
  • The ability to build tablet applications

For iAreaConferencing

  • Support for Apple devices
  • Improved desktop sharing and video quality, including the ability to share iAreaDesktop with any other IAreaNet user with a click of a button

For iAreaSocial

  • iAreaOffice Wall offers a Facebook-like functionality designed for employees to easily find other workers within the company
  • The Wall also offers access to training materials and other resources, and supports the use of polling, comments and other social media aspects of collaboration
  • An upgraded iAreaOffice e-mail signature that includes the employee's social media and full company information, mobile-ready
  • A social media hub that allows a company to harness the power of social media via a simple, branded company page. Users can connect with customers through click-to-dial, e-mail, maps, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs and more to easily create a mix of social media sources, in consolidated view

"For VARs and agents, a solution like iAreaOffice can be a critical addition to their portfolio because it gives them a perfect converged offering that allows them to bridge the worlds of IT and telecom," said James deCrescenzo jr, managing director at iAreaNet. "With iAreaOffice Freedom, we're also giving them the opportunity to provide SMBs and enterprises alike with the most complete office suite available, and it happens to have a cloud-based delivery model for reducing costs and overhead. We could not be more excited for this launch, and for the new opportunities that partners will be able to uncover for it."

iAreaOffice Freedom will officially launch on Sept. 15, with full availability nationwide via the company's channel partners planned by October 1.

iAreaOffice provides businesses, VARs and agents with a solution that leverages the benefits of the cloud service delivery model to deliver a best-in-class IT communications portfolio that can be combined with data and mobile connectivity. The secure "office-in-the-cloud" suite includes the latest version of Microsoft Office, which includes Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, and can integrate other software to be delivered as a service, such as QuickBooks, Saga, Amicus, Fireworks or Dreamweaver. iAreaNet's programmers can also develop and deliver CRM and custom applications, all hosted on iAreaNet's powerful servers.

About iAreaNet
You've got a business to run, so why is your office running you? For over 17 years, iAreaNet has been helping small businesses get smart about success with the only fully integrated suite of cloud-based office tools. Who needs to spend countless resources managing, upgrading, and maintaining? Streamline setup, eliminate maintenance, and reduce IT costs for all your software, communication, data, and backup needs. iAreaNet helps run your office so you can get down to business.

One platform. No complications. More productivity. Your office just got a whole lot smarter.

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