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Break free from the time and hassle of running and maintaining your office infrastructure. iAreaOffice systems streamline setup, minimize maintenance and reduce IT costs for all your applications, data, communications and backup needs. Gives you unmatched data protection in our certified data centers

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Maintenance Description

iAreaNet Support
iAreaOffice includes Level 4 Maintenance

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

Level 1(Basic Maintenance)
Basic Maintenance simply provides the customer with no included maintenance. Any additional requests by the customers will be billed at a per hourly rate, with a one-hour minimum. Our no maintenance package provides reliable service for the IT pro.

Level 2 (Hardware Maintenance)
Our managed hardware Maintenance is available for equipment that is iAreanet certified and purchased from Internet Area Network Inc. iAreaNet  Our maintenance covers all your hardware and service.  Customers may apply for a maintenance contract on their existing hardware, only upon approval from iAreanet the maintenance would include only the service on the hardware, any cost for replacement parts will be billed to the customer.

Level 3 (Full Management)
Full management includes 24/7/365 support on, hardware, software, security, IP network, and loaded applications. Full management covers maintenance of  your systems up to the application level. Customers may apply for a maintenance contract on their existing custom applications,  only upon approval from iAreanet, full maintenance will include your custom application. Full maintenance, also includes patches, stress tests, scheduled maintenance and fully documented reports. iAreanet certified technicians will ensure that your servers are running at optimal efficiency, and make the necessary recommendations and system adjustments. If a problem should arise an iAreanet certified technician will notify you and repair the problem.

Level 4 (Full Management/With 99.9999%)
Service level 4 includes Full Management, service level 3,2,1 plus an additional SLA  that allows iAreanet to guarantee 99.9999% reliability.

Level 5 (Full Management/With Local Customer Support)
Service level 5 includes Full Management service level 3,  plus Customer support on local computers, Software, Printers, Handhelds and any equipment purchased from iAreanet. Note: We are not responsible for any hardware manufactured equipment, any cost for replacement parts will be billed to the customer.

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