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iAreaNet Designs and Builds Cloud Platforms for Service Providers, iAreaNet has built over the past 17 years a complete Office as a Service platform for data centers, hosts, telco's and other service providers. With iAreanet, you can sell a huge range of OaaS and IaaS products, fully automated, through a 'single pane of glass' control panel, billing, Sales CRM, Business Analytics  and Much More
In 1999, Internet Area NetworkTM began operations and has made significant investments in developing market leading technologies  An Internet area networkTM (IAN) is a concept for a communications network that connects voice and data endpoints within a cloud environment over IP, replacing an existing local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN) or the public switched telephone network (PSTN).  Some now are calling it the SD WAN.

Seen by proponents as the networking model of the future, an IAN securely connects endpoints through the public Web, so that they can communicate and exchange information and data without being tied to a physical location.

Unlike a LAN, which interconnects computers in a limited area such as a home, school, computer laboratory or office building using network media, or a WAN, which is a network that covers a broad area, such as any telecommunications network that links across metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries, using private or public network transports, the IAN eliminates a geographic profile for the network entirely because the applications and communications services have become virtualized. Endpoints need only be connected over a broadband connection across the Internet.  SD WAN is not needed.

Our Story

For over 17 years, iAreaNet has been helping Providers and carriers designing cloud and Data center systems. We make managing &  selling cloud and managed applications, data center easier, We specialize in application & network  design integration and development.

Best in Class Mobile Apps

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 Cloud Platforms

Sell public, private & hybrid cloud, bare metal, CDN, DR, Hosted Voice, Unified Communications, Hosted Applications, Hosted Desktop, Hosted File Storage, Hosted Web Conferencing, Hosted Email, Business Analytics, User Self Previsioning, Cloud Market CRM and more

Full automation, 'single pane of glass' UI

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Partner Program

iAreaNetTM is proud to announce the launch of our New Partner Programs. With our cloud platform you can maximize your service portfolio as well as your monthly recurring revenue. Developers, Telco's, hosts and more. Our Affordable programs can fit your budget.

IT and Sales Training with Customer Service   

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